WUG! (Weiser Ukulele Group)

Is your ukulele lonely?

Bring your ukulele to Slocum Hall at 2235 Paddock Avenue here in Weiser, Idaho (home of National Oldtime Fiddlers, Inc.) and meet with other players and aspiring players for our first meeting of W.U.G.!

The first W.U.G. meeting is hosted by Sandra & Dennis Cooper. We are newbies to the instrument. Come share your knowledge with the group. Worst case: We all learn together.

Do you need a “play date”?

Over 500 songs available to date.

Finally, This group is all about fun.

Come on down, make mistakes, make music, and have a blast!

We start at 7:00 pm on Thursday January 18th. Click here to see the Facebook Event.

When Dreams Come True…

As far back as 2002, Sandy and I saw the need for an educational organization with an emphasis on teaching traditional arts, crafts, and music to local residents and visitors from around the region.

Our approach is three-fold:

  • Clubs
  • Classes
  • Workshops

Traditional Arts Clubs

The Weiser Harmonica Collective (WHC) and The Weiser Ukulele Group (WUG) are the first clubs we founded. There will be more!

The Weiser Harmonica Collective’s 1st meeting is on January 11th at 7:00 pm.