Welcome to the Bee Tree Folk School

Weiser, Idaho, USA

The Bee Tree Folk School is the result of a big dream the founding members have had since 2002. Weiser Idaho is a beautiful historic community of 5,500. Weiser Idaho, “The Safest City in Idaho” in 2017.

Our parent Corporation, Co-Opportunities, Incorporated is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit educational and charitable corporation founded in September of 2017. We have a lease, with option to purchase on the historic Billings Gymnasium on the old Intermountain Institute grounds.

The Billings Gymnasium was arguably the finest facility of its kind in the state of Idaho at the time of construction in 1928. Our vision is to restore the Gym to it’s former glory for use as classrooms, workshops,and a small, intimate performance venue in the basement. It is a one-area-at-a-time labor of love utilizing volunteers wherever possible. The basement is one of our first projects. The Billings basement used to house a swimming pool. A number of years after the Intermountain Institute closed, (during the great depression) the Billings Gym was used as a heavy equipment school. The pool was filled in and a concrete floor was poured.

This area will become “The Grotto”. We are cleaning, repairing, and preparing The Grotto for use in May, 2018 during the Weiser Banjo Camp. We’ll post¬†before, during and after photos of the transformation as we progress.

We Always Need More Volunteers!

We have an awesome group of volunteers who come from all over Idaho to tackle improvement and restoration projects once each month. Our next work party and acoustic jam session is on January 20th, 2018. 

We will have more work days per month as soon as You join our workforce!

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